Stud Scrub by Nature in the Nude

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Stub Scrub - FOR MEN

Exfoliating Charcoal Salt Scrub



Key Ingredients:

Sea Salt - rich in minerals/ helps soften skin by exfoliating dry skin cells away/ relaxes irritated skin

Black Lava Salt - contains essential trace minerals/ highly detoxifying

Extra Virgin Olive Oil* - aids the production of collagen and elastin, resulting in healthier, firmer skin

Castor Oil* - acts as a protective barrier against harsh conditions/ reduces inflammation/ soothes the skin

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil* - smoothes skin/ renews the protective layer of the skin

Activated Charcoal Powder - draws toxins and impurities from skin/ possesses antibacterial properties

Cedarwood Essential Oil* - an astringent with antiseptic properties/ helps prevent dry skin

Clary Sage Essential Oil* - helps calm inflamed skin/ helps prevent an oily complexion

Rosemary Extract* - an antioxidant-rich antibacterial agent/ functions as a natural preservative

Other Ingredients: Bergamot Essential Oil*, Peppermint Essential Oil*, Clove Bud Essential Oil*


* Certified Organic Ingredient

+ Fair Trade Ingredient 

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